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Niyi Adesanya Leadership Bootcamp – The Quadrant


As we move into the artificial intelligence age where focus for humans will drastically shift from managing machines to (almost 99% probability) managing people/human, we can’t but step up radically the development of our leadership qualities, the leadership skills of people around us and leadership skills of our organisation.

Going by the recent write up from the World Economic Forum on the future jobs report, it reveals that the top ten skills needed to survive the artificial intelligence age lays so much emphasis on deep and exclusive human-to-human managerial skills which defines leadership.

Experience alone is no longer reliable going forward; the saying experience is the best teacher is dangerous at this critical time. However, experience that is not continually informed is an implosion, which can consequently topple an organisation within the shortest period of time regardless of it’s size or history.


  • Upgrade performance and leadership perception through understanding their leaders’ personality and behavioural index;
  • Fast-track the transition from transactional to transformational leadership that is holistic, detailed and sustainable;
  • Understand, utilise, and optimise digital transformation and its leadership relevance in the 21st century;
  • The future workforce – How to attract, keep, deploy and utilise their innate abilities and dysfunction;
  • Understand the dynamics of influence and thought leadership through the power of emotions, logic and audience frame of reference principles;
  • Understand and implement delegation best approach and practice.


With an average of more than 100 presentations delivered annually to local and international audiences, Niyi Adesanya, renowned award winning strategist is recognised as Nigeria’s foremost performance strategist (Middle East Africa Business Awards), pragmatic keynote Speakers, and a leading voice on Leadership Development.

Having trained over 35,000 people on leadership, and authored the the book “Leadership Quadrant”; a remarkable resource that guides its reader to personal, corporate and national transformation, his concepts have widely been adopted and endorsed as relevant, practical and result-oriented.

The Niyi Adesanya Leadership bootcamp is a 2-day premium workshop that provides Managers, Supervisors, Team leads, CEOs and Business Owners with essential skills for leading others in and out of the workplace. This highly interactive programme enables participants to hone and practice key leadership skills in a fun, non-threatening learning environment.


The programme utilizes insightful and practical exercises which Niyi Adesanya has leveraged on to coach several businessmen, professionals, as well as political and religious leaders to boost their on-the-job effectiveness and productivity.

Through the learning interventions with Niyi Adesanya, as well as application of his specialized materials, you will be drawn to a deeper level of awareness of self and your environment in order to track your inhibitors, hone your leadership strengths and take advantage of modern tools and techniques to lead better.

The workshop utilizes a hands-on blend of stimulating scenarios, case studies and chats with our pool of experienced industry captains and leadership icons.

VENUE : Eko Hotel & Suites


N200,000 per participant

Payment Details
Account Name: Fifth Gear Consulting Company Limited
Account Number: 2015852535
Bank: First Bank Nigeria


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